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Journalism Postgraduate Degree in Australia

Journalism Postgraduate Degree in Australia Communication is the key at USC – Help create a new generation of communication professionals and open doors to exciting employment prospects with a USC Communication qualification. Postgraduate studies in Communication at USC deliver: * added value to existing qualifications * increased international employability * career opportunities in Australia USC […]

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Journalism Internship New Zealand

Journalism Internship New Zealand Journalism Internship New ZealandNew Writers and Journalists can Write Online by Enroling at Our Web-Based Journalism Internship Program Travellers, students studying Journalism, or amateur writers keen to get writing opportunities can enrol to our journalism internship program. Some projects are paid ones, where writers can easily earn money and experience from […]

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Study Journalism in Australia – Bachelor of Journalism

Study Journalism in Australia – Bachelor of Journalism Study Journalism in Australia Studying journalism in Australia at UTS will give you access to work experience and internships with media organizations because of our strong links with industry. UTS journalism students have completed internships at The Australian newspaper,, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sun Herald, […]

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Journalism Internship Australia

Journalism Internship Australia Online Journalism Internship Programs are Available for Interns Residing Anywhere in the World Interns staying in Australia, travelers traveling across countryside or enjoying city life, or those who don’t stay at all in the country can apply for our online journalism internship program. We offer varied projects where interns are given the […]

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Journalism Internship Namibia

Interns Invited to Work Online on Various Content Writing Projects Interns with suitable net-facilities are invited to write articles on various topics, online. This opportunity would allow students studying English, journalism and mass communication or interns with a good command over English to script articles on topics offered to them. Interns don’t have to attend […]

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Journalism Volunteers Abroad

Volunteer Overseas: International Journalism Experience with Projects Abroad If you had the opportunity to explore journalism while living, working, and learning abroad, would you take it? If your answer is ‘yes’, let Projects Abroad set you on the right track with an international journalism internship! Internships run year-round, with some available online, so recent graduates […]

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