Do you have plans to become a journalist or photo-journalist? Are you wondering where you can publish your writing in a flexible work environment? Then you might be interested in completing a Journalism Internship with the AA Education Network. Not only do we offer you a placement within our program to help you cultivate your writing ability, but you also get paid for some examples of original pieces of work you produce for us. This is obviously a great incentive to join our program ... more


Do's & Doníts
 for journalism interns ... more


Bringing yourself into the exciting world of journalism internships? Follow some of these tips on our checklist to make sure you get the most out of your future career! ... more


Journalism Internships help you breaking into a career in journalism, but it can be difficult and without some work experience or a portfolio of work, even more so. ... more


Quality content proves to be beneficial to the originator. It aids in driving traffic to your web site and increases visitors. ... more